About Us

The idea of the Car Mirror Bra was born during European Soccer Cup in 2008. These car mirror covers at first became available in Europe and now they are available to United States consumers through JAVI Sports!

Our company is based on INTEGRITY.
Our employees pride themselves for working in an organization that has trust, honesty and adherence to moral and ethical principles as its cornerstones.

The car mirror bras are for those who are passionate. And we understand how passionate our customers are when it comes to their country, sports team and affiliations. This is why JAVI Sports LLC is committed to provide the best customer service.

JAVI Sports LLC was founded in Jan. 2010. It is located in So. California. Our online Car mirror bra store is the easiest way to obtain your Car Mirror Bra. However, you may also find our car mirror covers in retail stores near you in car accessories or flag goods, just ask for the Car Mirror Bra.